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What is Directory Submission?

Directory submission can be define by the help of Phone Book directory. We all have heared about phone directory. Who had records of each and every Telephone number which were exists. If people want to call somebody company and don’t know the phone number. He were look for phone directory to search out that company number.

In the same way, internet search engines were follow that way. They had a website directory to pick website related to search queries. Search engine bots crawl to the different directories to show results. In that time people have to index their websites in different directories so that search engine bots will crawl.

It is an old but Gold method to boost up your website ranking. Because when you register your website among these directories then you will get 1 do-follow backlink. Which can boost up your ranking instantly.

But there is a Con side of these directories. It is available in 2 forms:-

  • Free Directory submission
  • Paid Directory submission

Free Directory Submission:-

If you are a newbie and haven’t ant single rupees to spend. Then it is for you. But you have to make patience because free directory submission services will take time to index your website from 2-3 months.

Paid Directory Submission:-

If you have some money and want to invest it to rank your website then you should buy Paid directory submission. They will index your website within 24 hrs to 1 week. And you will get 1 do-follow backlink which boost up your website ranking in search engine.

# Where we will find High PR directory submission sites:-

Below are some high PR directory submission sites:-

Directory WebsitePRDAPA

# How to register among these directory submission sites?

First of-all go the directory upon which you want to index your website. Just like I have a screenshot of a directory website below.

Directory Submission
Directory Submission Image-

As above click on the Submit link button. After that, a page will be open just Like below screenshot.

Directory Submission
Directory Submission Image-

As above image, you have to choose Regular Link, if you want-to submit it for free otherwise choose Featured Link for paid service.

After that enter your website url title, url, keywords and meta keywords, meta description, your name, your email and your niche category.

Directory Submission
Directory Submission Image-

After that click on Agree check box and click on the continue button. After that your website URL will be indexed after some time as you choose free or paid service.

# Remember always enter your article/post URL to rank your website that post/article in search engine. Directory submission will give you a Do-follow backlink.

#What should be consider before submitting website url in directory?

Only 2 things you should consider before submitting url in directory:-

  • Website DA
  • Alexa Ranking

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