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How to Choose Best Web Hosting ?

Today we are going to discuss best web hosting provider. And how to host a website. Before discuss best web hosting provider. Let’s talk about What is Web Hosting?

What is Web Hosting?

web hosting
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Basically, we can define website hosting as a web of the Internet where we park our website/blog. Not Understand, in simple words assume Internet web as a shopping mall and you want to open a shop in that mall so have to contact a broker or real estate agents.

So that you can get a place for your shop and you have to pay some rent for that place monthly or yearly.

In the same way, web hosting concept works. Here we assume shop as your blog/website, mall as internet servers and real estate agents as web hosting providers. In the same way, we paid web hosting companies so that they park our website on internet servers.

Now let’s talk about types of web hosting.

Types of Web Hostings:-

Basically, there are three types of Web Hosting:-

  • Shared Hosting
  • Virtual Private Server (VPS)
  • Dedicated Servers

What is Shared Hosting?

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Shared hosting provides multiple users to access a single server. A single server is distributed among multiple users to host their websites. In this hosting, you will never know with whom you are sharing your server.

In this hosting users have limited resources of the total amount of package. Shared hosting is the most popular hosting plan among newbie bloggers.

Shared hosting is a cheap and economical plan for newbie bloggers. Cheap price always comes with some limitations.

Now let’s talk about the advantages and disadvantages of shared hosting.

Advantages of Shared Hosting:-

  • It is the cheapest hosting plan. The unusual range of plan starts with $2.99- $9.99.
  • You can upgrade your hosting plan at any time.
  • Shared hosting usually comes with in-built cPanel with which you can easily manage your website.
  • Some hosting companies provide free SSL Certificate.

Disadvantages of Shared Hosting:-

  • Load time is slower than VPS & Dedicated Servers.
  • Sometimes the server becomes overburden by other sites.
  • As the number of visitors increases, the website will get down.
  • It usually handles up to 100 visitors/day.

What is Linux Hosting and Windows Hosting?

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Linux hosting and Windows hosting comes with Shared hosting. Both are operating systems. But Linux is more popular than Windows in web servers. Because Linux has more features which web designers want. If you need specific windows application then you can choose windows hosting. Which comes with ASP Classic, ASP.NWT, MSSQL (Microsoft SQL Server), MS Access (Microsoft Access), Visual Basic Development and C#.

#If we talk about Shared Hosting features we can’t tell you because It completely depends upon web hosting providers. Features vary with the varies of web hosting companies.

What is Virtual Private Server?

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A Virtual Private Server is a virtual machine who runs its own copy of operating system. Customers can access that operating system instance and install any software that runs on that operating system.

In this hosting, you didn’t share your server with anyone. You are the only owner of this server. This hosting provides you with 16 different OS like CENTOS7, UBUNTU14.04, DEBIAN7 and much more.

Advantages of VPS:-

  • You don’t have to share your server to anyone.
  • VPS hosting can handle up to 10,000 visitors/day but it varies with different hosting companies.
  • Park unlimited domains, it also varies with different hosting companies.
  • Increase your website loading speed, Better security & Privacy.

Disadvantages of VPS:-

  • Have to buy cPanel separately.
  • Prices are a little bit higher.

What is a Dedicated Server?

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A dedicated hosting server is a type of web hosting. In which customers don’t have to share an entire server with anyone. This dedicating server is more flexible than shared hosting. Customers have the full control upon the server. Linux and Windows servers are also available in the dedicated server. It can handle unlimited traffic per day.

Now, let’s talk how to find the best web hosting companies?

How to find the best Web Hosting companies with reasonable price?

There are many web hosting companies are available on the market whether it is Paid or Free. Some hosting companies take charge to park the domain and some provide for free. But we have to choose the best web hosting company among them.

So, what are the criteria should be so that we can find out the best web hosting company? Let’s talk below.

Criteria to find out the best web hosting company:-

  • RAM (Should be minimum 2GB)
  • I/O (Should be 5120kb/s) (i.e Bandwidth Speed)
  • Must Provide Free SSL Certificate.
  • Number of Processes (Should be ∞)
  • Bandwidth (Should be ∞)
  • Disk Usage (Should be ∞)
  • SQL Database (Should be ∞)
  • Email Accounts (Should be ∞)
  • Should have 99% Uptime

# “Do not purchase a plan in which they offer WordPress hosting. Because in that plan all the features are pre-optimized and you would not able to optimize as per your need. So avoid those hostings who offer special WordPress hosting plan.”

Which web hosting companies who fulfill above criteria:-

According to my personal experience, you should try:-

For Shared Hosting:-

For VPS:-

  • VPS.net

For Dedicated Server:-

  • LiquidWeb.com

Let’s talk about some Free hosting providing companies.

Best Free website hosting companies:-

  • 5 Jelly
  • Ohosti
  • InstaFree
  • Guhat

How to host a website?

To host a website you must have a domain. If not then you should buy a domain first and then go for hosting as per your requirements. After getting there, register yourself and then buy a plan. After that, you will get an email from the hosting provider. In which you will get your access codes of cPanel. After that Install WordPress on your domain and start your blog or website.

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