how to test website speed

How to test website speed? Why page speed is a ranking factor?

How to test website speed is an essential question because in the 21st century everybody is in hurry. They Don’t want to waste or wait for a single second.

In that’s way when a visitor visits your website, your website loading speed is slow then the visitor will be bounce back. And start for looking other websites for their desired results.

To avoid this situation you should check your website speed regularly. But the question is arises how to test website speed? Before that let’s talk why page speed is a ranking factor.

Why ranking factors depends upon Website loading speed?

As Google announced that Page speed is now ranking factor on mobile searches.

how to test website speed
Image- Google webmaster Central

You should use the mobile-friendly theme or responsive themes to rank your website. Today’s people are always in hurry so they can’t wait for loading a website page slowly. Due to website slow loading issue, your website will lose a lot of traffic, which may impact your website as negative SEO. People will won’t visit your website and then your website will lose its ranking.

How to test website speed?

To check page loading speed, there are many tools are available in the online market. But they may be given untrusted results.

So, always follow the trusted websites who offer to check your website speed. Following are the 3 trusted and best websites who offers to check your website for free:-

Google Page Speed Insight:-

Google offers users a free tool to check their website loading speed, they provide test results in score form. They provide you website page speed score upto 100 for best results.

Google page speed insight will check your website speed in desktop as well as in mobile. It’s completely free for use. They will also give you some suggestions on how to improve your website speed.

hoe to test website speed
Image- Google PageSpeed Insight

Web Page Test:-

Webpage test tool will give you website speed results in grades form. Webpage test tool analyzes your website’s loading time. It is the best tool to analyze your websites load time. They run 3 test upon your website.

Web page test
Image- Web page test

Following are the results category which provides in web page test tool:-

  • Load Time
  • First Byte
  • Start Render
  • Speed Index
  • First Interactive(beta)
  • Document complete
  • Fully loaded

In the above category, you have to only consider repeat load time. In test results upper right-hand side corner there is a section of grades which provides your websites grades.

  • First Byte time
  • Keep alive enabled
  • Compress transfer
  • Cache static content
  • Effective use of CDN

In the above sections, you have to consider only two things i.e First-byte time and Effective use of CDN.

#First Byte Time:-

First-byte time is nothing but a time taken for the first byte to reach from your hosting server to user browser. So, you have to reduce its time as much as you can. Because Google recommended First Byte Time 200ms. To reach this 200ms you have to use https as well as CDN. Lesse first byte time much fast website loading speed.


CDN is answering the mostly faced issue called latency. The latency is a delay that occurs from the moment you request to load a webpage to the moment actually start to your screen. When you use CDN your static content is cached and stored on multiple CDN servers across the world. Static content includes images, CSS files, java scripts.

When a user visits your site which is hosted on a server the CDN technology redirects them to the closest CDN server near their location.

Since, this delay duration impacts, mostly by the physical distance from your hosting server to the user. CDN reduce this physical distance and reduce load time.

Pingdom Tools:-

Pingdom tool is also the best tool to check your website speed or its load time. It provides lots of information such as performance grade, performance insights.

Pingdom test
Image-Pingdom test

But you don’t have to care about performance insight just ignore it. We have to focus on only load time and page size.

Do not optimize your site according to the Pingdom tool performance insights. For optimization, you can refer for Google Page Speed Insight and webpage Test.

The load time of both webpage tool and Pingdom tool will vary because they test your website in different locations and as well as different hosting providers. So it doesn’t mean that they will provide the wrong information.

# Following is the Criteria for the load time:-

  • For Webpage test, 2-3 second is best load time but in repeat view.
  • For Pingdom Tool 1.5-2 sec is best load time.

# To achieve above load time you have to use Page speed optimize minimal themes.

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