Importance of h1 and h2 tags

Before discussing why h1 & h2 tags are so important in view of SEO.

Let’s explore some information about h1 and h2 tags.

What are h1 & h2 tags?

h1 & h2 tags are nothing but HTML tag which indicates search engine as well as the visitor which is content’s main heading or title and which is subheading and content.

importance of h1 and h2 tags
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HTML tags:-

HTML which is stands for Hypertext Markup Language, which is used to create in web pages and web applications.

In this HTML tags heading tags, are becomes main heading and subheading. If you want to make any keyword as the title then you have to write as <h1>keyword</h1> for main title and <h2>keyword</h2> for subheading and so on.

How many heading tags are exists:-

There are total 6 heading tags are exists known as:-

Heading 1  (h1)      shortcut keys- shift+alt+1

Heading 2 (h2)      shortcut keys- shift+alt+2

Heading 3 (h3)     shortcut keys- shift+alt+3

Heading 4 (h4)     shortcut keys- shift+alt+4

Heading 5 (h5)     shortcut keys- shift+alt+5

Heading 6 (h6)     shortcut keys- shift+alt+6

Paragraph              shortcut keys- shift+alt+7

What is the role of h1, h2, h3 and so on tags?

h1 tag is the main title tag which indicates search engine as well as visitor about the main title of the web page.

h2 to h6 are using for the subheading.

What is the importance of h1 and h2 tags?

h1 tags are very important in general as well as for SEO purpose. Because it helps the visitor as well as search engine crawlers to determine the post’s title. Through which they can determine in which niche this post is about.

When a visitor visits your post and he didn’t get any heading or title of the post, he will be bounce back and look for another web page’s post.

Due to which your bounce rate will increase and it will work as negative SEO for your website.

To reduce it you have to add one h1 tag to identify the main title of your post and at least one h2 tag as a subheading.

This will help the visitor to identify which section’s information he was looking for.

importance of h1 and h2 tags
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How to use h1 and h2 tags:-

In the present time, you don’t have to worry about how to insert h1 & h2 tags in your post. You don’t have to insert heading tags by HTML codes.

Because almost every blogger is using the WordPress platform to create post and website.

In WordPress, there is a section called heading section. All headings are well categorized from h1 to h6.

And there is also a  paragraph section to change your content fonts from heading to paragraph fonts.

importance of h1 and h2 tags
Image- WordPress

How to insert heading tags in SEO point of view:-

  • Always use h1 tags in your main title.
  • Use at least h2 tag in once in post.
  • You may use h2 tag many times but h1 only one time.
  • Use h2 tags in 150 to 200 words.

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