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Keywords in Domain | What is EMD & PMD?

Using of keywords in domain means those domains which contain the targeted keyword.

What is the purpose of using keywords in domain ?

The main purpose of using keywords in domain is that it is the strategy of doing On-page-SEO. By using the targeted keyword in domain makes higher chances to search engine will rank your website in search results.

There are two types of using keywords in domain:-

  • EMD (Exact Match Domain)
  • PMD (Partial Match Domain)

Exact Match Domain  (EMD):-

Exact match domain will be understood by a simple example.

Let’s assume you want to make a website upon “insurance” niche.

And you choose domain named “” i.e exact match domain.

keywords in domain
Image- Google

# Exact match domain is only one keyword or a phrase domain. Like sbi net banking is phrase keyword and there is domain

Partial Match Domain  (PMD):-

Partial match domain also will be understood by a simple example.

Let’s again assume that you want to make a website upon “SEO tips and tricks”.

And your targeted keyword is “SEO”. You choose a domain named Now your domain contains SEO as well as learn and India. This type of domain is known as Partial Match Domain.

keywords in domain
Image- Google

What is the effect of using keywords in domain in search results?

From 2012 Google updated its search algo and notified that their search engine crawlers will make the preference to exact match domains to reduce the low quality of search results.

This change heavily makes an impact upon top 10 search results.

Those sites \whose rank was #04 before the change and after algo changed its rank became #20. Due to its partial matched domain.

And those have an exact matched domain whose rank was #20 before the change, after the change its rank was #5.


  • If you want to work on a particular niche then go for exact match domain.
  • Old or expired exact match domains will work great but the thing you should do is build your own brand with your new exact match domain.
  •  Partial match domain will also work, but it is not suitable for single niche if you are a newbie. If you want work on multiple niches then go for it.
  • The big con of exact match domain is its price. Price of exact match domain is high.
  • Using keywords in domain is another big factor of On-Page -SEO.

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