How to do SEO for Website?

Before discussing about “How to do SEO for website?”. Let’s get some knowledge about SEO. SEO define Search Engine Optimization means it is a process in which we optimize our website according to search engine to rank our website in search query results.

Let’s talk about how to do SEO for website?

To do SEO for website we have to do following things:-
  1. On-Page-SEO
  2. Off-Page-SEO
  3. Backlinks
  4. Quality Content
  5. Keyword Research
  6. Competitors
  7. Website loading Speed
  8. XML Sitemaps
  9. Search Console
  10. WordPress Plugins
“We will discuss all above topics in details in next posts”. For now, lets’s some brief knowledge about all the above sections.


on page seo
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On-Page-SEO means we will do SEO in the article/post. In this section, we have to take care how we write an article, how our organic keywords appear in an article/post. How Google and other search engines treats our article-post.


off page seo
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Off-Page-SEO means we will do seo outside of our article/post or website. We will create quality backlinks through commenting in the blog, forum discussions, guest post, directory submission and much more. In this section, we will take help of social media to viral our content/article/post.


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As we know backlinks are coming in off-page-SEO section. But it is itself a section if you go in its details. Backlinks may be defined as referral links. Which means Another website refers to search engine bots about our website. Due to which our website trust score will increase and it will rank in search queries. More quality backlinks more trust score.

Quality Content:-

quality content
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Quality Content is the king of SEO. SEO is incomplete if you haven’t written a quality content then you will lose traffic and bounce rate will be increased. Due to which negative SEO will be generated on our website. So, always write an article with quality content.

Keyword Research:-

keyword research
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Keyword research is the backbone of SEO. Without it, your SEO is almost incomplete. Just imagine if we haven’t backbone in our body then how our body will stand. Just like that keyword research is the very important step. “If we wrote an article upon Android Phones and haven’t done any keyword research then might be we used some highly competitive keywords. As a result, our website will not rank.”


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Competition is a major step towards SEO. To rank our website we must know who is our competition. So that we make a better post, better user interference website to beat them. So always monitor your website’s competitors.

Website Loading Speed:-

website loading speed
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Website loading speed is another SEO factor. Because if we have done all the necessary sections and our website loading speed is low then the user will bounce the website. This may cause high traffic loss. So, website loading speed must be high.

XML Sitemaps:-

xml sitemaps
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Proper XML sitemaps are necessary to submit in google search engine as well as other search engines. It helps search engine crawlers to crawl our website page/post easily and shows in search results.

Search Console:-

google search console
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Search console is previously known as webmaster tool. In which we have to submit our website URL and verify ownership. So, that search engine will know that this website is in existence and it has to be indexed in their search engine.

WordPress Plugins:-

wordpress plugins
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Almost 90% of bloggers worldwide use WordPress platform for blogging. I also used WordPress. Because it has one-click installation and easy to use for blogging. e-commerce and much more. The best part is that it has a lot of plugins. We need many tools to make our site user-friendly and more attractive. We can use different kinds of plugins to fulfill our necessity. But we have to only use those plugin which helps to improve our website’s rank. #All of the above are a brief discussion. But we will cover all the sections and much more. 

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