what is ssl certificate

What is SSL Certificate? What is https?

What is SSL Certificate? It can easily understand. When you browse any website page then have you ever notice that there is a Green lock logo before the domain name.  And there is “https” prefix of the domain name. What is it?

what is ssl certificate
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The sign of Green lock before the domain means these web pages have SSL Certificates. Which means that this site is secure for browsing as well as making payment.

#What is https?

Https means “Secure Hypertext Transfer Protocol “The secures any data encrypted communication from the user to website or vice-versa. To get Secure in your HTTP, you need to buy an SSL certificate. 

#Many webmasters are adopting HTTPS (also known as TLS or Transport Layer Security,) on their websites…….By Google Update.

What is SSL Certificate?

SSL stands for “Secure Socket Layer”. This SSL technology established an encrypted layer of security between a server and a user or client.

SSL security allows users or client’s sensitive information like credit card number, bank account details, login credentials data to transmit securely from user to web servers.

But in a case of normal HTTP websites. They sent users data from the browser to web server in a plain text. Hackers can intercept the user’s data and can see users credit card number, bank account details, login credentials and can misuse it.

So, always prefer those websites which have https in their domain prefix. For example https://jharbhoomi.co.in
As Google recommended always use SSL certificate of 2048 bit key certificate. Let’s discuss in below article how to verify your SSL certificate or How to do SSL test?

# How to verify SSL certificate authority or SSL test?

There is a site which Google recommends you to verify about your or other sites SSL certificate authority.


what is ssl certificate
Image- Google Webmaster Central blog

“Qualys Lab Tool”  is a site which checks about your or other websites SSL certificate authority and gives you data about which type of SSL certificate is used in the site.

#Importance of SSL Certificate:-

For new blogs and News websites haven’t necessary to use SSL certificate. It is necessary for e-commerce websites as well as where there are login credentials and money transactions are required.

But according to Google update that using of https is now a ranking factor. As you can see in the below screenshot.

what is ssl certificate
Image- Google Webmaster Central Blog

Google also updated that “if you are using SSL/TLS certificate from Symantec that was issued to your website before June 1, 2016, then it will be stopped working in Google Chrome 66.  And you will see error as in below screenshot.

what is ssl certificate
Image- Google Webmaster Central Blog

To get rid off this type of problem you need to re-install SSL certificate in your website.

#How to get trusted SSL certificates?

To secure your Symantec website especially for e-commerce website . You need to buy SSL/TLS certificate. There are many sites which give you SSL certificate in cheap rates.

But below are the most trusted sites which provide you SSL certificates:-

  • RapidSSL
  • Thawte
  • VeriSign
  • Equifax
  • GeoTrust

#There are also trusted sites who offer Free basic SSL certificate like Cloudflare and Let’s Encrypt.

# But I personally recommend you to get SSL certificate from your own web hosting company. They will provide it in cheap rates as well as you don’t have to install SSL. Web hosting will do it on behaqlf of yours.

They will provide basic SSL certificate but its benifical as a beginner.

what is ssl certificate
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